10/09/2012 - Connect Home 'Most Popular' Awards 2012: Video Catagory 


Screen Technics was awarded the most popular Projection Screen manufacture in the Connect Home 'Most Popular" Awards 2012, as chosen by industry professionals across Australia. 

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27-29/08/2012 - Integrate Expo Sydney 



30/09/2011 - Navigate Group Vendor Excellence Awards 



Screen Technics was awarded silver in the Vendor Excellence Awards for the third year running at the annual Navigate Group awards night 




11-13/05/2011 - Interview at Cedia Expo Sydney



1/05/2011 - ElectriCinema XL is released  

Screen Technics is proud to release this new extension product based on the world class ElectriCinema series of projection screens. Up till now if you required a screen larger than 200" diagonal, you had to deal with our Chncellor range of screens, which was a basic heavy duty staging product, but with the new XL series you can expect all the designer good looks and leading functionality that the ElectriCinema is justly famous for. These features being the internally mounted Connect Motor Control device, flexible bracketing system and standard IR remote control. 


AV Central Creates Spectacular Overhead Display for Adelaide Entertainment Centre

AV Central in South Australia recently put together this exciting visual display for the Adelaide Entertainment Centre where 9 overhead screens, each 6 x 8 metres, utilising rear projection material were installed above the central arena to wow the audiences.

Screen Technics supplied the 9 screens which comprised aluminium box truss style lace-out frames and welded PVC RearTech material, while Sony supplied the multiple projection system to stunning results.


12/12/2007 - CONNECT Range of Products Released to Market.

Screen Technics has taken a major technological leap forward with the release of the CONNECT range of Screens and Lifting Device.

Now all ElectriCinema Projection Screens come with our newly developed CONNECT Motor Controller integrated within the screen canister, which provides as standard IR Remote Control, Dry Contact Closure for integration with building management systems, and the ability to link to other CONNECT controlled devices via data cable for single switching of multiple products - up to nine!

The CONNECT Motor Controller is now standard equipment on all Interfit Projector and Plasma / LCD lifting devices at no extra cost, adding considerable value in integration and control, removing the need for expensive black boxes to control your AV equipment.


12/08/2006 - CEDIA Recognition for 10 Years Supplier Membership at Expo Dinner

Every year the team at Screen Technics attends the CEDIA EXPO, usually held on the Gold Coast, and dutifully turns up for the CEDIA  Awards Night and Gala Dinner, whereupon all the giant multi-national corporations win most of the prizes for their ability to spend BIG dollars on flashy Expo stands.

BUT…Finally Screen Technics were awarded a plaque in recognition of 10 years membership of the CEDIA organization and participating in the Expo every year since it was held in a virtual broom closet in Sydney's King Cross, a decade ago.

We were members of the Custom Electronic Design Industry Association before it was cool…

Here is a photo of our expo stand, photos of the dinner are not permissible due to consent issues.


Show Stand


12/08/2006 -Magazine Feature for Screen Technics in Connected Home Solutions

Connected Home Solutions - the AV installer industry magazine - saw fit to write a 3 page article about the life and times of Screen Technics for their July / August edition.

A typical quote from the ever humble Marketing Manager - David Manton - was "The main aim for us was to be the best manufacturer and wholesale supplier of projection screens and AV lifting devices on the Australian market. We believe we have achieved this, making us the biggest supplier in Australia of this equipment over the past 15 years".

Plus this other self effacing quote "Greg Donovan - the owner - still wears his overalls and gets his hands dirty with all the other guys; that's the heart of our business and having local ownership drives the 'can do' company culture. Plus we like to keep the odd Australian employed while we're at it, about 50 of them actually"exclaims David.

Can't wait for the book…



13/02/2006 - Strongest Projector Bracket in the World?

Here is a bit of fun - In conjunction with the recent release of the superb Interfit Projector Bracket System, we were required to do a Load Test Analysis, to determine what suitable Load Rating to award this Bracketing System. So we donned the lab coats and safety glasses, rigged up the gantry crane in our factory and grabbed the cement bags.

Anyone who has hauled cement bags around will appreciate this photo, we managed to lift an incredible 500kg of cement before the bracket started to yield and look like breaking up.

We were hoping for 150 to 200 kg, so we were quite stunned to see how strong this bracket turned out to be. Just look at the 6mm steel plate it is bolted too; it was bending like spaghetti and the bracket was still in the game.


Is this the Strongest Projector Bracket in the World?

After all the fun, it was decided that a practical load rating of 25kg was well within limits and a more usable specification.

Its official - Interfit Projector Bracket Load Rating - 25kg


15/01/2006 - Screen Technics Wins Best of the Best Award - Smarthouse Magazine

Smarthouse Magazine has awarded Screen Technics the Best of the Best Award in the category - Best Screen and Projector Lifter. Smarthouses says - Lets face it. Plasma and Projector Lifts are mainly ugly-looking things which are more practical than stylish. But to contend this, Screen Technics has devised a range of understated lifts which are sturdy, yet pleasing to the eye.
Available in white, both the Interfit Projector Lift Model C and the Interfit Plasma Vertical Up are deserving of a place in your home cinema - end quote.

So its congratulations to the in-house design team at Screen Technics… Watch this space!


Interfit Interfit


Make it work first time… Interfit every time.


Big Screen10/12/2005 - Another Big Screen Heads out the Door!

My Projection Screen is this long… says a proud Alex Marino - Purchasing Manager for Screen Technics, who in reality is only standing in the photo to offer some perspective to the screen size.

So the next time you ring Screen Technics and ask… What's the biggest motorised screen you guys build?

The answer will be a massive 13.8 metres net picture area wide!

Try and buy that somewhere else!


12/12/2005 - New Projector Bracket for Screen Technics Interfit Range

Following on from our recent drive to become a one stop AV shop, for the professional AV industry, we are proud to release the new Interfit Projector Bracketing System.

Designed by the Screen Technics in-house design team and manufactured right here in NSW beautiful Southern Highlands.

This Projector Bracket has several unique features which will make it the bracket of choice for AV professionals, with the key to the design being a ball joint assembly connected to adjustable spider arms for maximum flexibility when adjusting yaw, role and pitch of the projector.

The bracketing System comes in 5 sizes and host of accessories to cater for most installations, and can be requested with up to a 4 metre central post for commercial applications. It comes standard in Silver/Grey, with Black or White as options. See the product page on our web site for more detail.


Bracket Bracket Bracket


Make it work first time… Interfit every time!


28/07/2005 - Interfit AV Range Launch at CEDIA Expo on Gold Coast

Screen Technics created much excitement at the recent CEDIA EXPO held on Queensland's Gold Coast this month when it launched a new range of products to complement its already market leading Projection Screen range, called Interfit AV - Audio Visual Storage Solutions.

This unique range of products provides a solution to the question all installers must tackle, being how do I mount, and where do I store, all this AV equipment?
Interfit provides the AV integrator with a wide range of products that utilise fail safe designs, a simple modular approach to installation, and high quality paint finishes that require no additional trade involvement, such as plasterers or painters. Install it and you're done.


Team Team Team


Interfit AV Range

Plasma Lifts - Up, Down and Swing
Projector Lifts - 3 Models of varying dimensions and travels
Screen Boxes - for integrated ceiling installations
Plasma Brackets - Fixed, Tilt & Pivot
Projector Brackets - Up to 4M Mounting Posts
Screen Lifters - To lower Motorised Screens into a lower position.


05/04/2005 - Screen Technics (NZ) Limited begins trading in April 05.

After a long association with various New Zealand resellers, Screen Technics has decided to extend support to this market more directly with the establishment of NZ distribution arm, which holds substantial stock levels of projection screens in Auckland on a next day dispatch basis.

Screen Technics will conduct a monthly shipment to maintain stock levels and therefore open the New Zealand market to the whole spectrum of products that we manufacture in Australia, supplied in standard lead-time and shipped at local freight costs, vastly reducing the time and cost factor in purchasing any of our projection screens or Interfit AV Equipment.

New Zealand dealers are invited to contact Screen Technics to obtain a NZ Catalogue and enjoy the benefits that Australian companies have experienced for over 15 years; excellent service, top quality and good advice.
Ex-Kiwi Mr. Malcolm Patterson will be the Business Development Manager for this new venture and was last heard to say "go the all blacks" as he got on a plane to head across the Tasman. 
So welcome aboard our New Zealand friends. 

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