Pro-Blind Systems


Motorised - Automated Roller Blind Systems
Chain Drive - Manual Chain Operated Systems

In most commercial environments the roll-down style of blind has become the window covering of choice due to it’s clean contemporary lines and ergonomic efficiency.
Until now the AV integrator has worked in an industry sector that stands just to the side of the blind industry, although with some similar skill sets, both being involved in commercial & domestic projects but remaining separate.

Now with the growth and acceptance of automation and the rising awareness of Green issues in building management, a potential market shift is occurring in favour of the AV integrator as the sector with the best understanding of how to tie these two separate product categories into a single unified environment.

Screen Technics with it’s long established involvement in the AV industry has recognized this emergence and as such developed a range of roller blind systems, allowing for the AV Integrator to move into this profitable channel. Our blind products are built around current AV control thinking to better assist integration, plus supplying the fast lead-times expected by today’s busy integrator.

So don’t get your blinds downstream from a third party supplier in the blind industry, buy directly off the manufacturer at wholesale pricing from within the AV sector and deal with people who speak the same language as you … AV

Remember… AV + Automation + Blinds = Increased Revenue … just do it!

Screen Technics recommends Mermet Intelligent Fabrics as our preferred supplier of high quality commercial grade blind materials and as such has based our catalogue / wholesale pricing around their market leading range. With full fabric sampling available and comprehensive specifications guide, you need look no further than Mermet.

Obviously we have the capacity to manufacture using other fabric ranges upon request and ask you to contact our sales department with any queries you may have regards this issue.