DNP Optical Screens

DNP Optical Screens

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DNP is today’s leading manufacturer of Optical Lens Systems, and innovators in the development of Rear Projection Screens. By utilising Fresnel Lenticular Technology the DNP solid screen allows the projected light to be focused upon the audience for superior results in evenness of brightness and improved contrast levels.


The award-winning DNP Supernova Screen is the world’s first front projection screen designed for brightly-lit environments. For the first time ever, you don’t have to dim the lights when using a front projection solution. And with its elegant design and generous dimensions, Supernova is sure to make an impact in virtually any viewing environment.

With up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of standard front screens, Supernova Screens provide superior image quality, even in high ambient light. That means you can maintain eye contact with your audience during your presentation.

Supernova Screens are ideal anywhere that requires a superior front presentation solution. The series is made up of two overall types of optical screens, Fixed and Portable


DNP Rear Projection Screens


Optical rear projection from DNP is a projection concept which provides up to 4 times brighter and sharper images than conventional front or rear projection screens. 

The technique used with these large optical screens is "rear projection". This means that the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting straight forward towards the audience. The optical screen controls the light path and distributes bright, sharp images into a predefined viewing zone.

While conventional diffusion screens are passive, DNP optical screens are dynamic. The built-in lens system focuses and enhances the rear-projected image for optimum viewing, delivering sharp and crisp high-contrast images. Plus, it also deals with critical issues such as ambient light, reflections and difficult viewing angles.


This makes optical rear projection screens ideal for displaying large screen images in situations with high levels of ambient light – e.g. control roomsconference rooms, airports and shopping malls. Optical rear projection screens are also ideal for built-inhome cinema installations.