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Digital Kiosks

Remove the hassle of sourcing separate components for a dynamic digital display with the Peerless-AV All-in-One kiosk. This stylish digital kiosk includes an on-board BrightSign media player and a 55” commercial LCD panel, secured in a sleek Peerless-AV floor standing kiosk. Interact with the kiosk via six points of touch. And for peace of mind, you receive a 12-month exchange warranty.

Easy installation

You’ve everything you need for installation straight out of the box: the kiosk, power cord and remote control. Plug your kiosk into a 240V outlet. Turn it on. You then have multiple options for a quick set-up: microSD card, Bluetooth, USB or cable.

Sleek, rugged and easily viewed

The stylish kiosk’s floor plate measures less than 900mm by 50mm, while its body is thinner than 90mm. Its height: 1907mm. You can place the kiosk free-standing or for added security bolt it to the floor.

Made of steel and powder coated, the enclosure features curved edges, keyed-alike cam locks for security and a smooth, gloss black finish. Add to that scratch-proof, tempered glass.

This rugged indoor stand comfortably operates between 0°C and 50°C, while providing a 1920 by 1080 resolution. The panel’s 9ms response time and 178° viewing angle ensure content is easily seen and updated quickly.

These features make for a rugged kiosk suitable for a wide range of indoor applications.

What’s your application?

Universities, airports, shopping centres, museums and conference spaces are a handful of the many sites that can make use of this versatile indoor unit. Use one for wayfinding for instance, live streaming video or a static display.

Publish with on-board BrightSign media player

Create and publish content with BrightSign Author. The integrated media player supports HD 1080p60 video. You can stream over IP, and employ zoning and live feeds (e.g., Twitter, Flickr). The powerful player has a host of other features. You can also add an optional Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth module.

Use multiple media formats

The Peerless-AV All-in-One kiosk can handle video, images, audio and HTML5. Video formats include AVI, MP4, MPG and TS, among others. Image files include BMP, JPG, JPEG and PNG. With a contrast ratio of 5000:1, the display will bring your images and video to life. And two six-watt speakers take care of your audio.

Control with your phone

Use your iPhone or iPad to update the content or interact with the kiosk.

Adjust with remote control

You can control many of the display’s outputs with the included remote. Simply press the menu button and open the on-screen display. Adjust picture and system settings by the touch of a button. These include parameters such as brightness, colour, picture mode and software.

Quality assured

Peerless-AV is certified for ISO 9001. Quality assurance inspectors monitor the digital kiosk production at seven production phases. They also perform a final inspection and provide documents to show that each kiosk meets Peerless-AV’s standards.



  • 55" diagonal
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution

Integrated Player

  • BrightSign


  • 12 months


  • IR
  • 6 touch points


  • Kiosk, power cord, remote

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