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Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

How do Xtreme™ displays deliver what you and your clients demand - readability in full sun, low servicing and maintenance, weather protection? Plus, easy installation…

Xtreme displays are optically bonded, which means there is no air gap between the glass cover and the display. This reduces internal reflections, making viewing in direct sun easier.

Foreign material such as dirt and water can’t enter the panels because they’re sealed (ingress protection rating of 68). Added to that, these screens have no fans or vents, which means maintenance is minimal.

And for peace of mind, the displays are backed by a 24-month exchange warranty.

Multiple components sharpen image

An infrared sensor monitors ambient light. The screen automatically adjusts its brightness to suit its surrounds. This allows day or night operation.

Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Signage Displays are optically bonded. A gel fixes the impact resistant outer glass to the liquid crystal display. This reduces internal reflections. Apart from protecting against vandalism, the outer glass has a reflective coating, further aiding readability in direct sun.

Other factors, such as a contrast ratio of 1300:1, contribute to the display’s outstanding legibility. The portrait model goes one step further with a polarised filter. Your clients can read the screens even if they’re wearing polarised sunglasses.

IP68 confirms extreme weather durability

Your clients have many uses for outdoor panels. For example, your education clients may wish to use them for student safety. Your retail clients may need a panel for wayfinding. Some of these clients may be in ski fields; on the coast exposed to saltwater spray or in the middle of Australia in desert heat. You can be sure Xtreme™ panels are rugged enough to withstand these harsh environments. How?

If you don’t already know, the ingress protection (IP) rating describes an electronic device’s resistance to solids and water. The first digit may be ‘0’ to ‘6’. The second, ‘0’ through ‘8’, and ‘9k’. For example, IP65.

Xtreme™ displays are rated IP68. They’re fully sealed. This means dust can’t enter (6), and they can be immersed in water (8) under specified conditions. Added to the IP68 rating, Xtreme™ panels pass MIL-STD-810G tests for resistance to salt, air and water exposure. And they’ll withstand the freezing cold of -40°C or the stifling heat of 60°C.

Design reduces maintenance/servicing

Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Signage Displays have no vents, filters or fans. This means reduced maintenance and servicing. Not to mention the associated reduced cost and noise pollution.

For installation, just Hook-and-Hang™

Peerless-AV’s Outdoor Universal Tilt Wall Mount’s stainless-steel hardware allows you to fix flat panel displays outdoors. And the mount’s E-Coat finish resists corrosion, ensuring it will last.

The mount installs with a simple Hook-and-Hang™ design. It can tilt and keep your display just 65.5mm from the wall.

For security, the mount features tamper resistant hardware and has holes suitable for padlocks.

Option for touch

Turn your display into a multi-touch display with the Xtreme™ Outdoor IR Touch Overlay. The Touch Overlay comes with an aluminium chassis, ensuring durable performance.

The overlay’s infrared technology can respond to 10 simultaneous points of touch. It can detect any input, including a bare finger, gloved finger, stylus or pen.

Make your outdoor display interactive with the Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ Outdoor Touch Overlay.


Exceptional viewing quality & sleek design

  • 1080p FHD
  • Outstanding color depth and resolution
  • Fast refresh rates
  • Ambient light sensor—Easily viewable in daylight/twilight/dark
  • Thin bezel for the most contemporary-looking video walls
  • Puts the emphasis on the picture, not the display
  • Sleek, contemporary styling

Made to last

  • Impact resistant glass
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low-maintenance - no filters to change

Ventless Dynamic Thermal TransferTM System

  • Keeps internal components safely cooled and warmed without allowing in water, dust, vapour, insects
  • Offers best-in-industry temperature operating range: -40°C — +60°C

Ease & flexibility

  • Sizes:  49” and 55”
  • No special cables required
  • Compatible with all control systems via RS232 serial control
  • VESA-compliant

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