ElectriCinema Premium Motorised Large Venue Screens

The market leading large venue screen

200" - 375"

ElectriCinema Premium Motorised Large Venue Screens

In 2012 Screen Technics released the ElectriCinema XL and since then it has dominated the large venue screen market. The ElectriCinema XL has now been rebranded the ElectriCinema Type D and has a companion screen to further enhance its established reputation: The ElectriCinema Type E.

The ElectriCinema Type E enjoys the same designer good looks as the Type D but with an increased roller size of up to 375" in a top roller screen.

Available in sizes 200" - 375" across two headbox sizes

Benefits include

  • Sizes up to 375” diagonal
  • Adjustable pick-up point locations
  • Connect IP control system with IP, 12V trigger, IR control and contact close
  • Designer good looks
  • Fire-rated surface
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