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Screen Innovations FlexGlass

FlexGlass® is engineered from the same materials as bullet proof glass. It can go extremely large and is durable enough to be used in any scenario where rear-projection is applicable. With zero hot-spotting in any direction, FlexGlass makes a massive screen possible, with a very small footprint. Where To Buy

With a screen that can go this large, edge-blending capability is a must. Seamlessly blend multiple projectors together with FlexGlass perfectly uniform viewing surface.

Stop buying rigid panel, glass rear-projection screens! With FlexGlass, you can configure your screen into many different shapes such as an S-Shape or even a 360° circle due to its flexible nature. Even with all that flexibility, FlexGlass still maintains that look we all know and love from standard glass rear-projection systems. It really is the best of both worlds.

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    Brochure - Commercial

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    Install Instructions

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