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Lace Out Projection Screen

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Market Segments

Suitable for Corporate Events
Suitable for use in Galleries
Suitable for Staging Production
Suitable for Theatre use
Suitable for Trade Shows
Suitable for use in places of Worship

The largest format screen available

A fixed, large screen format designed for theatrical/cinema venues that have existing frame support structures to ‘lace out’ a projection screen, which is then usually masked by curtains to adjust format ratios to suit individual theatrical releases.

Benefits include:

  • Screens as big as your imagination
  • Complete cinema fit-outs available
  • Custom designs
  • Four material options
  • Front projection
  • Perforated
  • RearTech
  • Twin white


Lace Out Projector Screen

3431000Image Tech 3100Front Projection
3432001Image Tech 3200Perforated
3430002Image Tech 3000Reartech
3470004Image Tech 7000Rearcoat
3490000Image Tech 9000Twin White



PDF (3.4MB)