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CinemaSnap Curved Screen

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Custom built for your requirements in either 2.35:1, 2.37:1, 2.39:1 or 2.40:1 formats with a curve radius of either 9m or 12m, with custom options available.

Easy to install and never requires surface re-tensioning!

Market Segments

Suitable for Corporate Events
Suitable for use in Galleries
Suitable for Staging Production
Suitable for Trade Shows

Ideal for dedicated home theatres

Sizes 84" - 180" diagonal

Utilising a curved screen creates the feeling of being surrounded by the image and helps eliminate potential pin-cushioning effects. A curved image also improves the perceived image uniformity by reflecting all projected light back to the viewer.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces pincushion distortion
  • Captivating, cinema-like viewing
  • Improved brightness uniformity for the viewer

CinemaSnap Curve

Sizes 84" - 180" diagonal
  • Description

    Curved fixed frame screen
  • Sizes

    84” Diagonal up to 180” Diagonal
    Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request
  • Surface

    Hi Res Matrix White - Gain 1.1
    Micro Perforated White - Gain 0.95

  • Radius

    12m as standard, 9m optional
  • Frame

    Aluminium constructions with Flocked frame for projector over-scan reduction
  • Brackets

    MultiTech Wall Brackets
Improved brightness uniformity for the viewer
Captivating, cinema-like viewing
Reduces pincushion distortion


CinemaSnap Curve - Hi Res Matrix White

Sizes 84" - 180" diagonal

580844684"835 x 196512m
580924692"915 x 215512m
580964696"955 x 224512m
5810046100"995 x 234012m
5811046110"1095 x 257512m
5812046120"1195 x 281012m
5813046130"1295 x 304512m
5814046140"1395 x 328012m
5815046150"1495 x 351512m
5816046160"1595 x 374512m
5817046170"1695 x 398012m
5818046180"1790 x 421512m

CinemaSnap Curve- Micro Perforated

Sizes 84" - 180" diagonal

580846384"835 x 196512m
580926392"915 x 215512m
580966396"955 x 224512m
5810063100"995 x 234012m
5811063110"1095 x 257512m
5812063120"1195 x 281012m
5813063130"1295 x 304512m
5814063140"1395 x 328012m
5815063150"1495 x 351512m
5816063160"1595 x 374512m
5817063170"1695 x 398012m
5818063180"1790 x 421512m



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