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CinemaSnap XL Screen

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Market Segments

Suitable for Corporate Events
Suitable for Government use
Suitable for Staging Production
Suitable for Trade Shows
Suitable for Theatre use

CinemaSnap XL

Sizes 250" - 425" diagonal
  • Description

    Fixed Frame Screen - ready to assemble - best possible lay-flat qualities

  • Sizes

    250” Diagonal up to 425” Diagonal
    Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request
  • Surface

    Easy snap on screen surface - Unity White PVC - Gain 1.0
    Refer to Screen Material Options for additional surfaces
  • Borders

    As per frame system - 125mm wide
  • Frame

    Black Powdercoat Finish for Increased Contrast and Overscan Protection
  • Brackets

    MultiTech Wall Brackets
  • Options

    Rear Projection - Flocke Frame Optional

Easy to install and never requires surface re-tensioning!

Sizes 250" - 425" diagonal

Setting the benchmark for perfect lay flat and ease of installation, this fixed screen is designed to complement modern home theatre design, using a dedicated wall space.

Benefits include:

  • Perfect lay flat
  • Easy to install
  • Contemporary design
  • No moving parts
  • Fire-rated surface


CinemaSnap XL

Sizes 250" - 425" diagonal

1225019XL250''3810 x 5080Video 4:3
1227519XL275''4190 x 5590Video 4:3
1230019XL300''4570 x 6100Video 4:3
1232519XL325''4950 x 6605Video 4:3
1235019XL350''5330 x 7110Video 4:3
1237519XL375''5715 x 7620Video 4:3
1240019XL400''6100 x 8130Video 4:3
1242519XL425"6475 x 8635Video 4:3
1225029XL250''3115 x 5535HDTV 16:9
1227529XL275''3425 x 6085HDTV 16:9
1230029XL300''3735 x 6640HDTV 16:9
1232529XL325''4045 x 7195HDTV 16:9
1235029XL350''4355 x 7745HDTV 16:9
1237529XL375''4670 x 8300HDTV 16:9
1240029XL400''4980 x 8855HDTV 16:9
1225069XL250''3365 x 538516:10
1227569XL275''3705 x 592516:10
1230069XL300''4040 x 646516:10
1232569XL325''4375 x 700516:10
1235069XL350''4715 x 754016:10
1237569XL375''5050 x 808016:10
1240069XL400''5385 x 862016:10



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