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Admiral Bottom Roller Screen

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Market Segments

Suitable for Education use
Suitable for use in Hotels
Suitable for use in Sports Venues
Suitable for use in places of Worship

Admiral Bottom Roller Screen

Sizes 350" - 600" diagonal
  • Description

    Large Commerical motorised screen
  • Headbox

    Matt Black
  • Sizes

    350” Diagonal to 600” Diagonal
    Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request

  • Surface

    Unity White PVC - Gain 1.0, Refer to screen material options for additional surface options. This screen will have a welded surface.

  • Roller Diameter

    190mm Heavy Duty

  • Border

    150mm Sides & 200mm Bottom, top leader length needs to be specified at time of order

  • Options

    Extra Top Masking, Connect iP Control, custom powder coat colours

Sizes 350" - 600" diagonal

For indoor projects that require a motorised screen with image widths of 6500mm or over. The bottom roller design gives the best possible lay flat for these challenging installations

Benefits include:

  • For screens greater than 6.5m wide
  • Fire rated surface
  • Custom sizes and formats available
  • Bottom roller design
  • Steel box frame construction


Admiral Bottom Roller Screen

Sizes 350" - 600" diagonal

965009n/a6500 x 6500Square7620310.0
970009n/a7000 x 7000Square8120330.0
980009n/a8000 x 8000Square9120370.0
935019350''5330 x 7110Video 4:38030335.0
940019400''6100x 8130Video 4:39350380.0
945019450''6860 x 9150Video 4:311190420.0
950019500''7620 x 10160Video 4:311280460.0
935029350''4355 x 7745HDTV 16:98665360.0
940029400''4980 x 8855HDTV 16:99775410.0
950029500''6225 x 11065HDTV 16:912185500.0
955029550''6850 x 12175HDTV 16:913295545
960029600''7470 x 13280HDTV 16:914400580
935069350''4715 x 754016:108460350
940069400''5385 x 862016:109540400
950069500''6735 x 1077516:1011895485
955069550"7405 x 1185016:1012970530



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Install Instructions

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