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Motorised Screens

Motorised Swing Arm
If your ceiling is too high for a traditional projection screen installation, this mechanical arm will raise and lower your screen from a flush position.
  • Sizes : 72" - 150" diagonal
ViewMaster Pro Entry Level Motorised Screen
Cost-efficient motorised screen offering many of the control options needed in the audio-visual environment, including IR, 12V trigger and contact closure
  • Sizes : 84" - 210" diagonal
  • Image width : 1705mm - 4650mm
ElectriCinema Premium Motorised Screen
Premium designer-style motorised screen with integrated IP, 12V trigger, contact closure and IR, plus the ability to link and group switch with other Connect control devices.
  • Sizes : 72" - 230" diagonal
  • Image width : 1,465mm - 4,870mm
ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen
Offers the ultimate experience in a motorised screen, providing the best possible lay flat, with its side tensioning system pulling the screen flat.
  • Sizes : 84" - 180" diagonal
  • Image width : 1,705mm - 3,985mm
ElecriCinema Premium Motorised Large Venue Screens
The market leading, premium quality, large venue screen.
  • Sizes : 200" - 375"
  • Image width : 4065mm - 8,300mm diagonal
ElectriCinema 235 In-ceiling Screen with Side Masking
In-ceiling screen system with side masking for dual format - Cinemascope and HDTV. Designed to work with projectors that use anamorphic lens technology.
  • Sizes : 84" - 150" diagonal
  • Image width : 1,485mm - 3,515mm
MasterFit Screen
An integrated in-ceiling screen solution designed for installation within the ceiling or below the ceiling line.
  • Sizes : 72" - 210" diagonal in two styles
  • Image width : 1,465mm - 4,650mm
Admiral Bottom Roller Screen
The bottom roller design gives the best possible lay flat for challenging projects which require a motorised screen with an image width greater than 8600mm.
  • Sizes : 450" - 680" diagonal
  • Image width : 8,620mm - 13,800mm
Screen Lowering Device
Lifting device to lower a motorised screen into position from a high ceiling. Uses a secondary motor system that lowers and raises an ElectriCinema screen into position.
  • Sizes : 72" - 220" diagonal
  • Image width : 1,465mm - 4,650mm