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InterFit Projector Bracket Accessories

Check out our full range of projector bracket accessories to further enhance your Screen Technics products.

Extra Long Spider Arms

Item No. 1422000

For those large commercial projectors where the mounting holes are spread too far for the standard spider arms - Standard Arm reach is 140mm from centrepoint (280mm Diameter), with the extra long arms having 220mm from centrepoint (440mm Diameter) reach capacity.

Mid Pole Trim Kit

Item No. 1421000

Allows for the bracket pole to be run through the ceiling material and fixed to a suitable structure above the ceiling line, and provides for a neat trim cover of the cut hole, held in place securely by grommet screws.

Cut Down Collar

Item No. 1423000

This bracket system is designed to be cut down to the required pole length on-site, and then the system simply screws back together after the pole has been trimmed. But if you are not able to perform a neat right-angle cut on-site, you can use the deeper cut-down collar which will cover unsightly cutting and square up the pole in relation to the back plate.

Top Ball Joint Assembly

Item No. 1424000

Got a sloping cathedral ceiling? Well, use this top ball joint to fit to the ceiling (up to 30 degrees adjustment) and adjust the pole and bracket to the appropriate vertical plane.

Vertical Surface Mount Bracket

Item No. 1425000

This bracket can be used with the standard bracket or the top ball joint assembly to fix to a vertical plane, such as an overhead beam.

50mm Truss Mount Base Plate

Item No. 1425001

Optional base plate to suit InterFit Projector Bracket Range, allows projector bracket to be mounted to a 50mm truss with M8 U Bolts.

Equipment Tray

Item No. 1428999

Equipment tray to suit InterFit Projector Bracket Range 350mm wide x 290mm deep x 50mm High and Max load rating 2kg. Tray clamps onto the pole of the Projector bracket. Cannot be used with a 142000A Flush mount projector bracket.

Square Base Plate

Item No. 1425006

Optional base plate to suit InterFit Projector Bracket Range, base plate is 300mm square and 250mm centre points.

450mm Base Plate

Item No. 1425009

Optional base plate to suit InterFit Projector Bracket Range, base plate is 490mm long x 90mm wide and mounting holes are 450mm x 50mm from centre point.

Adjustable Base Plate

Item No. 1425007

Optional base plate to suit InterFit projector bracket range, allows bracket to be rotated + or – 90 degrees for raked ceiling or sidewall installation.